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Lush Lucky

The Black Sea region is the capital of pure linen that is weaved by using natural ropes in handmade looms that date back to ancient times.

It is mentioned in Evliya Celebi's 17th century travel documents (volume 3, page 261) that the boats and gulets are produced in this region. The boats and gulet sailscloths made for the Ottoman navy were also weaved on the handmade looms of the Blacksea.

Lush Lucky brings the traces of history back to your home by reopening the old trunks where centuries of stories and secrets have been locked up.


In ancient times, the people of the Anatolian - Black Sea wore dresses from linen in their daily life and put the city into a poetic atmosphere.

These linen also were woven as a sail cloth of the Ottoman navy centuries ago. Anatolian women weave their LushLucky collection through the experience of its culture, history and the endless green and blue of the Blacksea region.

These woman, who inherited the looms from their grandmothers continue to weave the Lush Lucky collections.


Istanbul, Turkey


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